Mission Statement

Templeogue College aims to provide a Catholic education which strives to:

  • Be responsive to the needs of students in 21st century Ireland.
  • Stimulate the physical, intellectual, moral, emotional and spiritual growth of the students.
  • Cultivate respect for God, the Church, God's creation and for our cultural heritage.
  • Be conscious of its own unique Holy Ghost traditions enhanced by Irish, European and world-wide educational experience.
  • Be responsive to the needs and aspirations of both parents and students.
  • Offer a focused and directed religious education and pastoral care program.
  • Prepare students for appropriate careers.
  • Promote personal responsibility.

Pastoral Care and Guidance Counselling

In order to promote a caring, orderly and positive climate in the school community the college has:

  • School chaplain
  • Guidance Counselor
  • Dean of Studies and Discipline for each year
  • Report Book for weekly signature by parents

The School Chapel is an important focal point where the College community and the student body assemble for prayer and liturgical services.

A comprehensive guidance service is on offer on admission to the College. Each student is assessed and a motivation program is designed to facilitate the development of his full potential. Psychological testing forms the basis of vocational preparation and, where indicated, an on-going careers and counseling service is available.



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